Sunday, September 13, 2015

5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

Spring has begun! Yay! Time to start deep cleaning the house right? Yes you should! I have decided to extend my spring cleaning process to my life. It’s so good you will feel refreshed and energized.

1. Evaluate your current schedule.
How are you spending your time? I will admit that I mostly waste a lot of my valuable time doing the wrong things. It’s a good idea to jot down every thing down that you do in a week or even a day and how much time you spend on it. This will help you to see where you are wasting time, what you can cut back on and how to make room for more valuable/productive activities. 

2. Get your finances in order.
So I had a head start on this earlier in the year but try to get on top of your finances for spring. It can be a scary process if you are assessing your spending and saving habits. I have been able to cut back on a lot of unnecessary spending and have almost paid off my debts. So set up a budget and try to stick to it for the next few months. One way that I have cut back and have actually saved about $50 a week is that if have been bringing my own food to work for lunch instead of impulse buying junk food because I am on my break and feeling very hungry. Also I have stopped buying take away on my way home from work. Now I am wondering why I didn't start saving sooner when I see how much I have saved in just a few months! 

3. Change up your diet.
We tend to eat the same dinners on the same night every week with not much change. I used to reach for the same breakfast and lunch items almost every day. Why not re-inspire your tastebuds by experimenting with food and new recipes? Use the warmer weather in spring as an excuse to eat lighter and to try to break some bad food habits that you may have. I know I’m certainly not the healthiest of eaters but aim for some balance, sure have some junk food but make sure you follow it up with some healthier meals as well. You will feel better and have more energy to enjoy all that spring can offer.

4. Clear your mind.
Something about spring makes everyone happier and at work we noticed a definite change in how our customers are feeling and acting. So why not take your happiness for spring to the next level? Make an effort to take some time to clear your thoughts and to relax; let go of a grudge, all that negative energy will ultimately hurt you in the end. Once you let go you will find that you feel 100x better. Lastly be more honest with your emotions to yourself and those around you. These steps will help you clear your mind and make you happier.

5. Clean up your online presence/social media
This could be a whole post itself, but since social media is a big part of most our lives I thought I'd mention this as well. Here are some ideas: change your passwords to improve your online security, try making a more secure password that you can use on several of your social media platforms; refreshen the look of your blog, facebook and twitter, you can update your profile pictures, backgrounds and your bio; maybe even declutter your newsfeed by unliking pages that aren’t relevant to you anymore.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips and are enjoying the spring weather … that is if you live in the Southern Hemisphere like me! Let me know what you enjoy doing in spring. Do you have any other ideas for spring cleaning your life?

Have a great week!

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Maybelline: The Nudes Palette

I have been seeing this eyeshadow palette all over Instagram, YouTube & Blogs but I have never seen it in Australia. That is until the other day! I spotted it whilst at work and and noticed there were only two on the shelf, so of course I had to buy one! I couldn't wait to go home and play around with it! The normal price is $A26 but I paid $A18 as it was on special in my store.

I am a huge fan of nude shadows and I already own a few nude palettes so I really didn't need to pick up an extra one. Oh well! I decided that since they are shades that I wear quite frequently I will get quite a bit of use from it.

The palette comes in a hard black plastic case with a window so you can see all the shades through it. I really like the compact design. The case is sturdy so it makes the palette good for travelling or just throwing in your makeup bag! I think it will fit in most make up bags better than the Naked palettes as I always find they are a bit long for most of mine.

There is a good range of light, medium and dark shades and there are mix of matte and shimmery shades. It is split into duo, trio & quads. There is information about how to apply to your eye on the back of the palette (just make sure not to peel all of the sticker off while trying to open it... oops lol)

The pigmentation on the matte shades are a little sheer to start with but it actually gets better the more you use it. I would also recommend you use an eyeshadow primer as the shadow seems to perform better over the primer. It does wear quite well, it lasted me throughout the whole day although it did fade a little towards the end of the day, but I was already home so it didn't matter much.

I would recommend this as a great starter palette for those just starting their makeup journey or for those who want to experiment with nude shades. It is affordable in comparison to other more high end palettes, but if you can wait for it to go on special it's even better. I will get good use out of it and I really love the packaging too.

Have you tried this palette? How is it working for you? Let me know! Have a great week everyone!

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

20 Things I've Learned in my 20's (so far)

As I am over the half way mark of my 20s. I may not know all the answers but I thought I'd share some of the things I have learnt in the past six years:
  1. Start saving now! It's good to create a good saving habit now so you have something to fall back on if you are unable to work for some time, or have 100 bills come in at once! Don't wrack up debt just because you have a credit limit doesn't mean you have to take it to the limit. If I could re-start my first offer of a credit card I would probably reject the offer! 
  2. Learn to say no.  Don't feel like you are obliged to do anything! If you don't want to do something or feel like you are being forced into it then simply say no, you don't even have to give a reason if you don't want to.
  3. Never stop learning. You may be done with school and university but that doesn't mean you have to stop learning. I'm always looking for short courses which interest me, articles to read, podcasts to listen to or online classes to take. Explore your options!
  4. Comparing yourself to other people can destroy you. You should only be focused on yourself and who you want to become. Sure you can have someone who inspires you but don't try to become them.
  5. Don't waste time on people who don't treat you right. Girl bye!
  6. Eat and exercise to feel good. I haven't 100% mastered this yet. But whenever I start exercising and eating to fuel my body everything just seems to be better. I remind myself after I haven't exercised in a while how much happier you feel after.
  7. Be more informed of where your food comes from and what is actually on the ingredients list. I try to be more conscious of where my food was made and what goes into it as much as I can! It makes me feel better if I know what I'm putting into my body. Having said that always buy in season produce. There's heaps of tables you can download and you'll know your fruit and vegetables are more likely coming from your country rather than imported from overseas.
  8. Think positively. You don't want to be complaining about every little thing in your life where's the fun in living like that? Change your outlook on life and you'll have a more positive approach to everything. How you feed your mind is what you will essentially become in time.
  9. Have some form of creative outlet. What ever that may be; dancing, photography, baking, DIY-ing (the list is endless). It's healthy and a good way of releasing stress too!
  10. If work're doing it wrong! I love my job. Yes it does get stressful and frustrating at times but at the end of the day I still love what I am doing. Don't settle for a job which you hate find a job that you love doing and you'll be happy to be there for 8+ hours (almost) every day. Money shouldn't be what is motivating you to work.
  11. Go the speed limit. Fines and loss of demerit points aren't fun... I've learnt this the hard way. Your destination isn't going anywhere so you don't need to race to get there.
  12. Always celebrate your birthday, no matter how lame everyone else thinks they are. Birthdays are the best! 
  13. You are never too old for Disney movies! One of my favourite movies is a Disney movie and I'm not ashamed of that.
  14. Vote but know what it is that you are voting in. Take some interest in politics, take time to read and then make your mind up on the best candidate. People often make outrageous promises during election time have a look at their track record in the past too if you are unsure.
  15. Cooking is a life skill, but it doesn't come through absorbing. You have to work on your cooking skills a bit. You don't have to be a gourmet chef but put in some effort to improve your skills and just be impressed that you haven't burnt down the house whilst cooking. Also you won't be able to make exact replicas of your favourite meal that your parent makes, it will be similar but it will never taste the same! But it's good to put your own stamp on it!
  16. Change your bad sleeping habits. Sometimes I'm good with this other times not so much. Once you get into a routine of getting at least 7 hours it gets easier. Even if you are not a morning person you will feel alright having had enough sleep the night before.
  17. Make time for yourself. I always benefit from having some alone time. You'll learn to love it.
  18. Travel! Do it at any chance you get. It doesn't have to be overseas it can be a weekend trip around your area or your country just get out and see the world. Travel has made me grow as a person and I have learnt many life skills from travelling and getting "lost" in an unfamiliar place. It's well worth the investment.
  19. Life rarely goes as how you expect it to go. Enjoy the adventure. Don't worry about what is happening with everyone else. There is no set time limit for life events.
  20. Life keeps getting better. I was freaking out about turning 25 and then 25 came and went, I realised growing older isn't as bad as I thought. Things get better, hard times don't last as long as you think they will! When you look back it is the good times that you remember!
Hope you enjoyed these tips! What have you learnt from life so far? Any tips for me?
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Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Adventures & Links

This weekend I got called in to work, which is not an issue for me. However I do feel a bit disoriented, I know it's Monday but it doesn't feel like it!
So even with a shortened weekend I did manage to get out and about and do quite a few things as well as go to work. The weather was so much better than last weekend for a start, it was still cold but at least it was sunny!
Firstly I saw the movie Antman on Friday night with a friend, I hadn't heard too much about it beforehand so I was pleasantly surprised because it was amazing and hilarious! I would highly recommend it (if you haven't already seen it). You also learn quite a lot about ants!
On Saturday morning I tried a new place for breakfast called Ollie & Ari. I loved it, it has a quirky interior that was renovated by the owner, an interesting menu and great coffee! I had the homemade crumpets and they were perfection! 
Then on Sunday because the weather was nice I just went on a bit of an explore around St Kilda on my way to dance rehearsals on the other side of the city. So with working on Saturday and Sunday evenings it was a pretty packed weekend! I am still in recovery mode!

Also thought I would share with you some Links I Love:
  • This made me laugh. The CEO from Frito-Lay typed his Google searches into Twitter instead of Google. I haven't tweeted my google searches but I have definitely typed into messages and stuff!! He thought someone was watching his Google searches and posting to Twitter 
  • These Creme Brûlée topped Cinnamon Rolls are on top of my baking list! I am completely obsessed with these at the moment! 
  • Some amazing Aerial Photography of salt flats in northern Australia. It looks so surreal. That blue! 
  • Saw this on Facebook and it actually exists! This Pokeball Soap makes me real happy! It has a random Pokemon inside!! 
  •  Since cutting my hair short I have been a little lost on how to style it. I've just been straightening it but soon I will be investing in a curling wand to achieve this look created by Essiebutton 
Hope you all have a great week!
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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Eight Ways To Embrace Winter


Currently there's a lot of talk on social media and news outlets about the #AntarcticBlast or cold snap over the east of Australia. I'm bracing myself for all the comments about how they wish it was summer again especially from my customers at work. But as a wise customer told me "never complain about something you can't control, like the weather". Winter has always been my favourite season but over the years I have liked it more and more.

Instead of dreading the cold, wet and windy weather, try embracing it instead. Focusing on the negative is easy, but finding things you enjoy about winter will keep you happier about the cold.
Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

  1. Get outside. Rug up and go for a walk on the frosty mornings, go for a hike during the day or just head down to the local park and enjoy the winter sun it's good to at least get 15 minutes of sun for your health anyway!
  2. Take a trip. Instead of running away from winter why not take a winter trip to the mountains, either to sightsee or rent a cabin with an open fire for the night. The beach too is amazing during winter so take a trip to a coastal town, it will be quieter than during summer and you will be able to go to popular spots and places to eat without fighting crowds.
  3. Go ice-skating. Perhaps my most favourite activity to do year round, but during winter makes it extra special! In Melbourne there is an outdoor rink at Federation Square on the Yarra River until the 19th of July. There is also the Medibank Icehouse in the Docklands which is open year round.
  4. Start your spring cleaning early. It's always good to de-clutter and what better time to do it than in winter? You can try selling some stuff on eBay or donate it to a charity. There are coat drives for the homeless so if you have a couple of coats that you find you are no longer wearing think about donating them. Animal shelters are always in need of old blankets and towels during winter so that could be a good way to free up some cupboard space.
  5. Learn something new. Winter is a great time to buckle down and learn something new, whether it be learning a language, learning to sew, improving your photography skills, taking a dance class or to start training for a marathon. Look for courses in your local paper, adult education centre or TAFE.
  6. Treat yourself. Winter nights call for some bath pampering time for me! But you can pamper yourself any way you want, book in for a massage, get your nails done in a bright colour or change your hair colour to a warmer shade. Treating yourself will definitely boost your mood if you're feeling a bit low.
  7. Cook up a storm. Winter is a good time to try some new recipes and in the meantime you will warm up your kitchen and fill your house with amazing cooking aromas. What could be better than a freshly baked batch of muffins and a mug of hot chocolate on a cold afternoon?
  8. Embrace comforts. Enjoy the fact that you can curl up in a blanket, sit by a fire, read a book, listen to music or just watch TV. Think of these moments when you are hot and sticky in summer and ask yourself was winter so bad?

Enjoying the days no matter what the weather changes your outlook on life and will give you much more peace of mind throughout the year.
How do you enjoy winter? Any other tips you would like to add? Comment below with your ideas.

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