Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide 2014 #2 - For Her, For Him & For the Home

So I was hoping to get this post out before the weekend, but every time I got on the computer it has been crashing after just a few minutes... very frustrating! Finally I think it is gonna work and I'm so happy.
This is the second part of my gift guide which is including gifts for guys, girls and home.

For Her

My gift guide for the ladies in your life starts with Jamie Oliver's latest cookbook Comfort Food. This book is filled with recipes to make you feel happy and comfortable, it covers all sorts of foods whether you are cooking for one or for a family and anything from entrees, main meals, sweets, snacks to celebration food.

Daniel Wellington watches are stylish timepieces that are functional and decorative accessories, I promise that if you buy the lady in your life one of these she will think you are pretty awesome.

A zodiac necklace is always a nice present to give, make sure you find out her star sign first!

It's summer here in Australia and a hat is a must, the wider the brim the better. I love this his one from Lack of Color 

Anything Beyonce related is a winner in my book, and I just love this Cake by the Pound sweater, check her website for the perfect gift for the Bey-lover in your life.

This one is on my own personal wish list, it's from a brand called Lonely. I follow their Instagram page and dying to get my hands on some! (just been too lazy to actually buy it myself) So many beautiful bras how can you not? If you know the lady well enough to know her size and her taste in bras, definitely go for it!

OK another Beyonce related product, I love this mug, but any slogan mug that fits with her interests will be a welcome present.

Pouches are a cool and practical present, they have a multitude of uses. They can be used to carry your credit cards, money, make up or phone chargers in. I love this  Rebecca Minkoff #besties one! Totes get it for your BFF ;)

This French Connection scarf is just gorgeous. A scarf is a present that is always appreciated, no matter what age you are giving to.

If you are like me and you like to sleep in but your bedroom is quite bright in the mornings try a sleep mask for a really restful lie in! Peter Alexander have a superhero themed collection and I love batman so. girl bye. 

Beach towels are an excellent present for any beach lover ... these round towels by The Beach People are perfection!

A pair of classy heels are a bit of an unusual present, but if you gift these Topshop ankle boots you are winning!

Amazing Face by Zoe Foster is a great present for any make up lover. It's a book on make up look how-tos and some make up hints and tips, but it is presented in a witty, laid back style.

If you know me you know I would love to receive any kind of Tifanny & Co. jewellery for a present and I just love the T square range of bracelets.

Handbags also make excellent gifts. At the moment the stylish must-have is the cross body bag, this one from ASOS is pretty awesome and very reasonably priced.

For the organised lady or even one that is trying to be, a planner will always be a welcome gift. My pick is from Paperchase but just about everywhere sells planners!

For Him

If your man is cultivating a beard or if he wants to, this Beard Book from asos is full of beard inspiration and will make an unusual gift.

A single malt whisky that's silky smooth? Yes please Glenfiddich! (He might even share it with you ;) !)

If he's not growing a beard this Aesop shaving kit will look after his face and help stop shaving rash.

Looking for something for a muso? A Pickmaster guitar pick maker would be a good pick .... see what I did there?

If you want to make him smell nice go for men's fragrance, this Tom Ford Extreme is sensual yet manly.

These Giorgio Armani sunglasses are simple but stylish and would suit most men, but look around for some designer sunglasses that are to your man's taste.

I love this St Goliath shirt! You know that most guys hate clothes shopping but will love it if you pick out a shirt for them!

Guys like wearing brand names and Nike is a favourite with most. Try these Nike trainers for comfortable casual shoes that still look cool for the man in your life.

Who doesn't love a bow tie? I certainly do ... so if the guy likes to dress up occasionally you can't go past this ASOS bow tie! Because Bow ties are cool!

For the traveller, try a Herschel Wash bag, it's the perfect size, it's practical and everyone wants the Herschel brand right now!

A fun present for that uncle, cousin or friend that you have no idea what to buy for? A Happy Socks gift pack could be the answer!

Looking for a Kris Kringle for a male? Juggling Balls provide hours of fun and might even give him a new skill ;)

A stylish watch is an awesome present for a guy. Pick one that suits your budget as well as his style!

For the Home

Doorbell is ringing and you don't want to get out of bed? Now you can see who is at your door with this SkyBell doorbell, it connects to your smartphone!

For the travellers' household this Scratch off Map wall map is an awesome present, you can keep track of places you have visited and also plan your next trip.

One for the cooks ... this set of measuring cups from Urban Outfitters is pretty and practical.

This classy gold Cheers! cocktail shaker is an elegant addition to any bar, it has Cheers! engraved on it in several different languages.

Garance Dore is a blogger, photographer, illustrator and writer, this Garance Dore calendar featuring her designs is a wonderful present for a fashion lover or an art lover.

This Domayne cushion would bring a touch of glamour to any living room or bedroom. Look for other designs to fit any decor at homeware stores.

I just love this awesome clear cup and saucer set with a touch of blue from T2 !!

For any coffee lover a coffee machine is a must! This Nespresso Breville coffee machine is slim line and looks so good in any kitchen.

Oh my goodness! How awesome are these bear snow globe salt and pepper shakers? I can't even...

Why have a boring rectangular door mat? When you can have a moustache door mat!

This portable wardrobe is functional and minimalist but somehow it is still full of warmth and character. I love it!

That concludes my lists of Holiday gift suggestions. I hope you find some inspiration when buying for loved ones. Let me know if I have given you any ideas for Christmas gifts. I need to start shopping soon, I'm just so tired from working in retail over the silly season!
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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide 2014 #1 - Beauty & Tech

So December is right around the corner! It's so close, the store where I work is getting more and more busy by the day! December is my favourite month not only because of Christmas but also my birthday is only 4 days before! Since I work in retail I get limited time to spend with my family and friends but thats okay, I still love everything about this time of year.

I have put together a series of Christmas gift guides that I will publish over the next two weeks to hopefully give you some ideas and make your shopping easier! My first guides are for the Beauty lovers and the Tech lovers in your life!


My beauty selection was really hard to narrow down! I think my favourite on this list would have to be the Too Faced Everything Nice Set because it is a full face palette with 20 eyeshadows and 2 blushes, 2 bronzers, a mascara and two cruelty free brushes! It would be a great set to give to anyone who loves makeup as well as a great gift for travellers (everything you need to take with you all in the one palette). Another great palette for make up lovers and travellers alike is the Naked 3 palette which is a pinky purple-y toned palette (any of the Naked palettes would also be good).

Makeup brushes are a definite must have for anyone who loves makeup so why not give the Best of Sigma brush kit? It contains a good selection of all the brushes you need.

My top picks for makeup would be the Benefit They're Real mascara (this mascara has received great reviews) and the Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in the colour 07 Chalys (a good colour to pair with anything).

Shopping for someone who has all the makeup in the world? Why not give them a really beautiful makeup bag which can be used everyday in the handbag and also be used for travelling. I have included a makeup bag duo, that way you have two sizes to choose from depending on the purpose.

For skincare I like the Foreo Luna is a silicone facial cleansing tool (also with an anti-ageing side) I haven't actually tried this product myself but its on my wishlist because I have only heard great things about it. One charge lasts about 4 - 6 months which is absolutely fantastic!

Also a major favourite on this list is the Ren skincare kit for sensitive skin (also comes in normal skin and combination skin) I've been eyeing off this skincare range everytime I step into my local Mecca store and this is a great way to try out the range in my opinion.

A hydrating mask is also on my list because I seem to buy serums and moisturisers for myself but masks .... I always forget they exist. This one from Kiehl's would be perfect for anyone who has uber dry skin like myself, also great for keeping skin hydrated in both summer and winter!

Another product for dry skin and an alternative to serums are the facial oils, I recently discovered this Josie Maran Argan Oil which hydrates your skin perfectly!

Fragrance is really dependent on the person you are shopping for but to make it easier there are four main fragrance families (woody, floral, oriental and fresh). So once you narrow down what scents they usually wear it will help you decide what to buy, I picked this Giorgio Armani Si perfume because I've been testing it in stores lately and it smells so florally without being sweet which is what I like.

Candles make a fantastic gift because one can never have too many candles! I have a thing for Diptique candles but the trouble is the massive price tag! But this christmas set isn't actually too bad price wise!

What beauty guide would be complete without nail polish? My favourite brand over the past year has been Ciate mostly because of the cute as packaging! If you buy a set like this one you get a good variety of colours.

Now on to tech gifts....


3 Kobo Aura H2O $179.99
4 Space Bar $99.99
5 GoPro Hero 4 $499
7 Motorola Moto Hint $149.99
8 Ringly $195
9 Glif $30
10 Chromecast $49
13 iPhone 6 $869
15 Canon S200 $269

I must admit I get really excited when it comes to new technology and gadgets to try out.  My dad thinks I'm actually insane because of the amount of cameras that I own! Some of these products aren't available in Australia yet, but you should be able to get them online.

My top pick for the technology gift would have to be the Ringly which isn't even out yet but the concept its truly amazing! Wearable technology has been coming out in all sorts of forms but this one tops it for me. The ring allows you receive notifications from selected apps by vibration and colour so you can put your phone away yet stay connected.

Another top pick for me is this bluetooth headset until I saw this one I only saw hands free as a really ugly device and would just use loudspeaker in my car. But this Moto Hint bluetooth headset is small and discreet and not some weird ear piece that sticks out and is annoying!

In terms of smart phones the iPhone 6 is definitely my cup of tea, I recently got a upgrade and I am loving it the battery life is so much better than my iPhone 5!!

The only game I have picked out is Assassin's Creed Unity, I really like playing Assassins Creed and I can't wait to check out this one. I might buy it for my best friend so I can play it too ;)

Another entertainment gift is the Chromecast which is a way for you to watch YouTube videos on your TV. A great idea at gatherings is playing music via YouTube with your phones but with the Chromecast you can create a list of queued music which has excellent sound. There are many uses for it but that would be my number one use.

This Bose bluetooth speaker is also excellent because it is not too big so it is portable, has excellent sound and would look good on your shelf.

An eReader is something which has never really caught my eye, until I saw this Kobo eReader which is waterproof (shut up and take my money). I have a thing for reading while I'm in the bath and usually if tech things get wet they are ruined for life. It can also be useful in the pool in the summer. Such a good invention!

For cameras as gifts I have chosen the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, the GoPro Hero 4 and the Canon s200. I won't go into too much depth about each camera because I will be literally typing for hours! For me the Instax is a great novelty camera, it looks cute but takes good quality photos. The GoPro is excellent for filming literally everything, great for travel (the sound quality is better without the case on). Canon cameras are hard to not feature... I really love the picture quality that Canon has and this one is compact and easy to use.

In terms of camera accessories I chose two iPhone camera accessories... first this macro lens and secondly the Glif smartphone tripod mount (which also doubles as a phone stand). I chose iPhone camera accessories because we are often using our smartphones to take all our photos because the quality is good and we always have our phones on us... or is that just me with almost 5000 photos on her phone!!?

Now for some random tech items.... firstly I love this monitor stand called Space Bar! If you are anything like me you have many cables going in and out of your computer, this gives you extra ports and you don't have to reach around to the back of your computer to get the cords in and out...

Backing up your files in case of computer crashes is a must! I must admit that I hardly ever back up all my things but the one thing I do make sure I back up is all my photos/video files. The WD passport is an excellent, external hard drive to use for backing up.

The last item of the day is a scale or a Smart Body Analyser by Withings. I like that it doesn't just tell you your weight but can also calculate your body fat percentage. Other features include air quality and checking your heart rate.

I definitely am excited for December to begin. We are popping up our Christmas Decorations a day early but only because the December 1st is a Monday!! But I'll be attempting Vlogmas over on my YouTube channel where I'll be vlogging everyday until Christmas. I have told my friends and they all say I should vlog but often I film stuff but never post it online ... so I'll see how my vlogmas goes haha!

Hopefully you enjoyed my first part of my gift guide series! Let me know your gift ideas and also if I've inspired you to buy a gift for someone!

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Monday, November 10, 2014

The Patterned Jumpsuit



Outfit Details
Jumpsuit - Bardot
Shoes - Witchery (very old)
Purse - Witchery
Necklace - Lovisa
Rings - Diva & Lovisa
Watch - Michael Kors





I finally went to see Les Miserables in Melbourne over the weekend since I had a night off at last. It was beyond amazing! The cast and the production are faultless in my opinion, so many amazing singers. If you are in Melbourne definitely go see it before it closes! Les Mis is the musical that no matter how many times I have seen the show before I always end up in tears ... the music is just so moving!

Just a little preview of the Melbourne cast! 

I was really digging through my wardrobe to find an outfit to wear for the evening, and then I found this jumpsuit that I bought on sale last summer but never wore because I bought it as a fallback outfit (if my dress didn't arrive in time for an event). The jumpsuit is from Bardot and it looks very very similar to a DVF jumpsuit but unfortunately the DVF one is a little out of my budget range!
I had totally forgotten that I had it sitting in my wardrobe but as soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect for the occasion especially since I wasn't feeling like wearing a dress. I am a bit of a fan of the jumpsuit, I find them comfortable and also I think they make your legs look longer.
Please don't mind my heels I wanted to wear a different pair but since my knee is injured I can only wear flats or low heels at the moment but thats okay...kinda haha!

I had a really fun evening out in Melbourne. Definitely a rare occurrence for me because I'm usually performing or working or at dance rehearsals!!!!

What is your favourite musical? Let me know so that I can plan what to see next. Have a great week!

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Style Crush | Nicole Richie


I am the kind of person that likes to gather a little bit of style inspiration from others so I think it is about time I started a series of Style Crush blogposts.

I have been a fan of Nicole since I first saw The Simple Life with Paris which would have been almost 10 years ago I guess. I loved her fun personality and her sense of humour, watching the show I was always laughing with the girls. You can now find her in #CandidlyNicole which is just as entertaining, if you want to check it out you can find it on YouTube.
Over the years she has also become a person I look to for inspiration whether it be for her clothing style, makeup or her hairstyle. Her look is edgy with her strong winged eyeliner, a couple of subtle tattoos and her colourful hair, but her clothing style is always chic. She knows how to dress up or dress down a pair of jeans, she can easily rock a floral frock and her style on the red carpet is impeccable.
So this is why I have decided to start my Style Crush series with Nicole Richie. 
Here are just a few of my favourite looks.
PS I am really loving her blue hair at the moment! 



















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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Madeleine's Bali tips


I thought I would share some traveller's tips on holidaying in Bali which will hopefully make things easier for you if you visit there (and you must go, it is truly unique and beautiful). It also gives me an excuse to post some more photos that I took whilst there!


Pack light - seriously. Firstly you don't need to take much makeup at all. I just used a tinted moisturiser and a waterproof mascara most days. But don't forget your skin care regime though as a change in weather can make your skin go crazy!!
Secondly, you only need to pack light weight clothing, forget the jeans and the woollen cardigans, you won't wear them. Not only will your luggage be lighter ... you won't be dying in the heat!


You will need to have cash for entry and exit to Indonesia. You will need an entry Visa when you get there, it's said that you need to bring $35 US but you don't have to bring US currency they will also accept rupiah.
Then there is a departure tax so make sure you have enough rupiah to leave the country! I didn't have quite enough left so I had to wander around the airport trying to find an ATM! It's certainly a lot easier if you leave enough cash for your exit.


Speaking of money. I find it's easier to have foreign currency before you leave home so that you don't have to worry about changing your money after a long flight. If you find that you do need extra cash whilst in Bali be very wary of money changers as they will try to cheat you if you aren't careful! Also beware of ATMs, a lot have skimming devices. My advice is go to a reputable bank or ATM, your hotel or hostel should be able to tell you where the closest one is. If you do find yourself being ripped off at a money changer let your hotel reception know and they will try to sort it out and hopefully get your money back!


It's a good idea not to rush out and buy anything on the first day or at least until you are used to the currency and bartering system.
When bartering at markets go 50-60% of the price you are offered. The stall holders are very skilful at bartering and if you are not you could end up paying $30 for something which isn't worth $10!
Also Bali has some fantastic boutiques as well as some really awesome workshops and artisan places so explore beyond the Kuta markets and tourist shops. Seminyak has lots of boutique style shops, try Ubud for jewellery and handmade wares.


At the beach be careful where you swim as some beaches have a very strong undercurrent. I just put my feet in and almost got carried out to sea! Some beaches are monitored and have flags out to swim between similar to what we do in Australia.
Don't take valuables to the beach. I think that's a given anywhere ... but just in case!!
A lot of beaches in Bali attract local vendors who walk up and down the beach all day long trying to get you to buy anything from bracelets and sunglasses to massages and paintings! Just politely but firmly decline these sellers especially if you just want to relax...they eventually get the message and leave you alone. But do pay the money to rent a chair and an umbrella for the day it's relatively cheap and worth it in my opinion!


Don't be an arrogant tourist. It's awful how some tourists think that because of the country they come from they can disrespect locals and just be rude for no reason. The lifestyle is much more relaxed in Bali, so you might need to slow yourself down and just go with the flow! You are on vacation just relax and have fun! There's no point in being on a downer because things aren't going your way! If you stay positive you will have a much better vacation. And the thousands of dollars you have spent will be worth it.


Food in Bali has a bad reputation. Everyone has heard of Bali belly but it shouldn't stop you from enjoying food. (We had one lady come up to us outside some warungs (traditional cafes), asking if we had eaten the food there because she was scared to ... most of the food was packaged). Yes use caution when eating but don't worry to the extreme. Most restaurants are fine, you can eat salads and have ice in your drink without any problems, but use caution if buying food from a street vendor and don't eat the food if you think it may have been sitting there for a while.
Since most restaurants cater towards westerners' tastes there is a lot of variety in the food they offer and you will often find a large range of western style food as well as local cuisine on the menu.


Another word of warning that may be obvious but if you are offered drugs on the street just ignore them unless you want to end up in jail. Often they are undercover police posing as drug dealers and if you are caught in possession of drugs the sentence is the death penalty. I was walking through a shopping area when I got offered Xanax and Valium, which totally caught me off guard because I was in shopping mode but I just kept walking.


Just one final tip. Many locals in Bali are quite poor and even the ones that have a job aren't earning very much money by our standards. This means that there are plenty of people trying to take some of the tourist dollar by whatever means they can and scammers abound. Sometimes it feels like everywhere you go there is someone pushing you to buy something! So watch your wallet/purse in crowded areas, be wary of anyone trying to sell you anything and firmly say no to anything you don't like or want.

Take the time to get to know the locals as the majority are friendly and kind but most of all they genuinely want tourists to have a good time so that they will return to Bali for their next holiday!

Feel free to add your own travel tips for Bali in the comments!
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