Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Diplomat Highett

The Diplomat Cafe is one of those places that always looks packed when you drive past. On this late afternoon it was surprisingly quiet.

The cafe is located directly opposite Highett station, just off busy Highett Road. The cafe's interior is spacious and clean, the decor is minimalist with an element of kitsch, there were plum puddings hanging from the roof and best of all there were dinosaurs scattered around the place complete with santa hats, which made me a very happy girl. This place has a great atmosphere and a mixed clientele of cafe goers, families, business type couples, teenagers and older people. There are plenty of outdoor tables as well as indoors.

The staff were very friendly, attentive and seemed to be genuinely interested in us. The customer service is excellent, probably because we were there after the rush died down but our rather excellent coffees came almost instantly! The menu is reasonably priced and has some excellent options so there's something for everyone! We ordered the French toast and the gnocchi. Both were delicious!

The Diplomat is definitely worth a visit if you are in the bayside area! I think more cafes should feature dinosaurs! Don't you?


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