Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Shaw + Smith || Adelaide Hills SA

Recently visited South Australia on a road trip with my boyfriend. We visited a couple of wineries in the Adelaide Hills because I had never been to the area. Looked through the guide of the hotel and picked one to start off with called Barristers block, it was recommended we go to Shaw + Smith after we had our tasting there.

So we drove out to Shaw + Smith and it was such a beautiful day. Pulling up to the winery was a magical moment, it was just absolutely stunning with views of the hills and the vineyard. I was in wine-o heaven before we even got inside.

The tastings are a little bit different at Shaw + Smith. We were welcomed and then seated at a table where we were set up with a selection of 5 wines paired with local cheeses. As the wines were poured we got a bit more knowledge about each of the wines by Sarah. We were then left to go through the wine float at our own pace.

I'm not a massive white wine drinker, I actually prefer reds over whites. However I really enjoyed their all of the wines we got to try. Especially the Riesling.
After the wine float was finished we asked to try two more from The Other Wine Co. which we were suggested to enquire about from the lovely people at Barristers Block.

We had the best day, tasted some fantastic local wines and cheeses, made a couple of purchases and increased our wine knowledge at the same time!
I highly recommend coming here if you are ever visiting Adelaide and the Adelaide hills the staff are knowledgeable and you could tell they loved sharing their knowledge on the wine.

P.S bring a designated driver!

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